New Website Features

Overly Intense CatHow’s everyone doing today? I’m in a fantastic mood so far. After staying up all night surviving on coffee, I am finally able to unveil the new website features and design of

I went ahead and refined some areas with a more human friendly interaction since you guys are so busy with life and opposable thumbs. Here are a few of the pages that I added or improved.


This includes my backstory to give you a little light from where I came from and how I got my nickname.

Meme Generator

This will be a fun section for all of you out there. Now you can create your own Overly Intense Cat meme. Choose from a wide array of classic photos of none other than myself.


A newsletter signup area, so you can stay in touch with my new posts and memes.

Contact Page

Need to get in touch with me directly, feel free to send me an email. I am always a click of the mouse away…now I’m hungry.

To really enjoy the site, you will need to get on my level, so quick down 4 cups of coffee and take a look around!

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