FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats Review

Cleaning and grooming my own coat has never been an issue. I like to take my time and do it periodically throughout the day since there isn’t any rush. During these personal grooming sessions I prefer to look up at especially awkward times and lock eyes with my humans just to let them know I do take baths.Overly Intense Cat Sniffing the FURminator

Well, I guess my own cat grooming techniques aren’t up to their standards, as my humans just got the FURminator deShedding tool for cats. After hesitantly sniffing this handy little brush for a few minutes, I decided to let them give it a try on me, so I could give you my personal Overly Intense Cat review.

Before I get to my experience, what exactly is the FURminator you ask? The FURminator claims to help reduce excess fur that can get caught between the topcoat and the under coat that I don’t need anymore. This would benefit me in that I would ingest less hair during a cleaning session, which is better for my digestive system. Also, it would reduce or possibly prevent hairballs that I might cough up onto the rug, even though I enjoy watching my humans pick them up. That’s pretty much what it is used for in a nutshell.

pet grooming and boardingCan I get a purr-roll please? Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr….so without further ado, here is my FURminator deShedding tool for cats review.

The sleek purple handle fit comfortably in my human’s hand, making it easy for them to sneak up and brush me with it.

I’m not going to lie this brush feels a little weird, but then again I was never really a “get brushed” kind of cat. Every time the FURminator runs through my coat, I do feel lighter from all of the fur it takes with it, but at the same time I want to bite the FURminator. I’m not sure if this is because I love it or it tickles me too much. SO MANY EMOTIONS!!!! AHHHH!!!!

After a few minutes of being brushed with it, I ran away to regroup and groom myself to see how much fur it really took with it. To my surprise it felt like a good chunk of loose fur was gone, so I will let the brushing continue.

Overall I am pretty happy with the grooming experience I received, you just need to get over the initial weird feeling of having a foreign object take fur off of your body that isn’tinnovative pet products for cats your tongue. Also, for the best results, I will need to be FURminated weekly, but every other week is good too since it gives me some bonding time with whichever one of my humans decide to do the brushing.

As for my humans, they are very pleased with the results as well. From what I overheard they pulled enough fur off of me that it won’t end up on the couch or their clothes.

Hopefully after reading this FURminator deShedding tool for cats review you will have a better understanding of the grooming process from a cat’s perspective. Enjoy the FURminator!

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