Hey Everyone!

My name is Nermal and I am the Overly Intense Cat. I thought it would be proper to give all of you a little backstory on where I came from and how I became the Overly Intense Cat.Overly Intense Cat 3 504x504

I was born in July of 2013 to a feral Siamese cat in an apartment community out in Tempe, AZ. My mom was the community cat and was cared for by all of the residents. With it being July in AZ and very hot, my mom was lucky enough to be let into one of the apartments just in the knick of time to give berth.

After a few weeks of learning to run around with my 3 siblings, I was lucky enough to get adopted by a couple that had previously lived in the community. It was nice knowing I was able to find such a loving family, including gaining an older brother Stimpy, who was eager to teach me about the finer points of comfortable sleeping positions.

To get acclimated to my new home I did the usual cat things, but then one day I decided to start living my life to its fullest potential. Never again would I just lay around, I needed to do things and do them as awesomely as I possibly could.

This is when I would hear my owners say, “Wow! Look how intense Nermal is doing (insert awesome thing I am doing).” This was anything from memorizing and reciting all of the numbers in Pi, doing my owners taxes, never blinking again, speed dating or taking clowns seriously.

From then on I would hear them refer to me as OIC, or the Overly Intense Cat. I don’t mind this nickname at all. It always gets me pumped up before I do some volcano base-jumping or some high fiving.

In my down time I wanted to meet new people and see the world through the internet’s eyes, that’s why I started OverlyIntenseCat.com. It’s a good way for me to do a little moving and shaking in this life. I did have to learn to type, create a website and of course read, but it I did it cause I’m awesome!

So that’s it for my story. I want to thank you for taking the time to check everything out from my posts, memes and musings. Enjoy the site!

General Info

Name: Nermal
Nickname: Overly Intense Cat
Gender: Boy
Breed: Siamese
Eye Color: Blue
Born: July 2013


Climbing to Dangerous Heights
Extreme Sports
Reading the Newspaper

Life Goals

Shutdown all laser pointer factories
Take over the world
Be Awesome!


Grumpy Cat
Lil Bub
Waffles the Cat

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